Gerianne Prom

Gerianne Prom

Medicare & Health Insurance Specialist

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You know health care costs are rising dramatically. You may be wondering how Medicare works, what it pays for, what expenses you are responsible for, what your options are now and what if your health status changes. It can be complicated and a bit confusing. You have options and choices. Let me help.

My goal is to assist people on Medicare or those eligible for Medicare by educating the system and the wide variety of quality options available to meet each person's specific needs. I will guide you through the different parts of Medicare, help you understand Medicare choices and your enrollment options. I bring a unique perspective and consultative approach, drawing on many years of working within health care and human service organizations serving persons with Medicare.

I am licensed and contracted independently with all major Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plan providers. I can be objective and offer you the best options available to meet your needs at the lowest possible price.