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Chris Reed

Chris Reed

Wealth Manager | Wealth Management Director

Chris Reed has over two decades of experience in the industry and holds a bachelor’s degree in finance. Throughout this time he has honed his expertise in planning, economic forecasting, and wealth management.

Driven by a passion for understanding markets and economies, Chris finds fulfillment in assisting individuals in securing their financial futures. His ideal clients, typically aged 55 and older, seek a collaborative partnership that prioritizes the delicate balance between growth and security. What distinguishes Chris is his dedication to each client's success. Through a deep understanding of their aspirations, he crafts personalized strategies that adapt to their evolving needs. Drawing from his past client experiences, Chris continuously refines his approach, ensuring optimal outcomes for his clients.

As High Point Capital Group’s Wealth Management Director, Chris heads the Investment Committee that constructs portfolios for many of our clients. In this role, Chris accesses numerous resources and analysis that assist our clients and their families. The High Point Capital Group Investment Committee seeks to provide quality solutions respective of today's financial climate while also considering what tomorrow may hold.

Chris spends time away from the office with his wife and three kids. Most of his time is spent driving to football, wrestling, soccer, lacrosse, and track events. Thankfully for all involved, he is a retired youth baseball coach.