Why Financial Wellness?

Client Centered

It’s likely that each of your employees has a goal of building financial security for the future. We may have not been taught how to properly plan for retirement or life’s other major milestones such as buying a car, purchasing a home, putting our kids through college or having a lifetime supply of money for healthcare expenses.

 Combine this overwhelming lack of knowledge with a barrage of media messages insisting we are inadequate without the best car, a high-end house, envy-worthy vacations, and gourmet meals every evening and it’s no wonder we are facing financial challenges. And who has time and energy left to pursue all the coursework it would take for comprehensive financial planning knowledge?

 When people fall behind, stress, anxiety and depression creep in and quickly create an additional burden from physical and mental health issues.  These issues then result in unnecessary health, productivity loss, absenteeism, and turnover costs shared by employees and their employer.

 This is where we come in.  Our workshops give your employees the opportunity to strengthen their skills, pick up critical knowledge and sound guidance, helping them maintain good health - at no cost to them - or your company.

 We help your employees take the fear and uncertainty out of saving for retirement and the inevitable “life unexpected” events.  Bridge Financial Wellness will get them to the other side, confident they are on the right path to handle their needs and realize their dreams.


Flexible Curriculum

We create comprehensive curriculum's personalized to meet the needs of your diverse workforce.

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Financial Guidance

Workshops are delivered on-site by financial wellness coaches with years of experience  presenting financial and retirement workshops.

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